A Clever Google Glass App That Wakes Snoozing Drivers

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The debate about whether Google Glass belongs on a driver’s face isn’t waning, but one group of developers have found a way to make driving safer with Google’s Borg retrofit.

DriveSafe is an app that uses the accelerometer built into the Glass to determine if a driver is nodding off behind the wheel. And it’s a surprisingly easy implementation.

Say, “OK Glass, keep me awake,” and if your head dips below a certain angle for too long, the conductive bone speaker sounds an alarm. If it happens a few times too often, DriveSafe can tap into the navigation app to provide directions to the nearest rest area.

Automakers have been working on similar technology to let you know when its time to take a break from your cross-country trek. In the case of Mercedes, its system measures steering inputs, detecting micro-movements that indicate you’re getting fatigued, and an icon pops up on the dash telling you to stop for a cup of coffee. Other automakers, including Audi and Infiniti, have experimented with eye-tracking software, but haven’t released it into the wild.

Rather than relying on automakers to release a system, using Glass means any driver in any car can get similar benefits.

DriveSafe isn’t integrated with the MyGlass control app yet, so Explorers need to side-load the app onto their headsets to give it a spin.


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